Our Company

Prime Seafood's Mitsubishi Fuso refrigerated truck

Wholesale (and Retail) Sales

Prime Seafood LLC is an 9 year old wholesale distributor providing what we believe is the best seafood in the world to chefs of the most discriminating restaurants in the nation's capital area including downtown Washington, D.C., Alexandria and surrounding areas.  We are the ONLY seafood distributor in the Washington area supplying ONLY sustainable seafood items, and we advocate for our chefs to adopt sustainable seafood programs for their restaurants. 

The company was formed in January of 2004 by our principal, James R. Chambers, a fisheries biologist with over 35 years of national and international experience (for his background, click here). He is joined by Joe Boncore as Director of Operations. Joe has worked in the kitchens of many Washington-area restaurants where he rose to become an Executive Chef.  He has also been a professional basketball player in Europe, a professional boxer in California while attending culinary school and a member of the U.S. Army's Special Forces.  He received his bachelors degree from Jacksonville University where he played basketball on scholarship.  Born in Sicily, he speaks Italian, Spanish and English fluently.  In July of 2011, Dan Beck joined the team as Manager of Atlantic Coast Operations.  After graduating from James Madison University, he chose to follow the sea as a charterboat captain, commercial fisherman and licensed seafood dealer.  Dan intimately knows both seafood and the restaurant business as he has owned four restaurants on Cape Hatteras, NC.

Prime Seafood LLC is backed by $5 million in liability insurance.  We supply fresh fish and shellfish only from those populations that are robust and managed sustainably and which do not contain dangerous levels of contaminants (such as carcinogens found in "farm-raised" salmon).  Our chefs tell us that our seafood is the highest quality and freshest available in the Washington D.C. area.  

Chef Joseph Boncore delivering a Troll-Caught (the highest quality) King Salmon

We usually buy our seafood directly from fishermen, fly or truck them in overnight, deliver them in one of our two refrigerated trucks (which are empty at the end of the day) and repeat the process Monday through Friday year-round.  Consequently, our customers are delivered seafood which usually has been out of the water less than 24 hours.  However, we do not have a warehouse thus we cannot guarantee to have all our products available 100% of the time. Chefs are notified as to what seafood items are expected to be available each day of the following week.  We try to reach them by phone on a daily basis or in person to get their orders for the next day.