Prime Seafood supplies the following fresh fish and shellfish: 

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Halibut  (Mar 15 thru Nov 10)

King Salmon  (Apr thru Oct)

"Ivory" King Salmon  (Apr thru Sept)

Sockeye Salmon  (Jun thru Aug)

Coho Salmon  (Jul thru Oct)

Ora King Salmon  (farmed in New Zealand, available year-round)

Atlantic Salmon (farmed in Faroe Islands, available year-round)

Sablefish or Blackcod  (year-round)

Lingcod  (Mar thru Nov)

Yelloweye Rockfish  (Mar thru Nov)

Striped Bass or "Rockfish"   (year-round)

Wreckfish  (April thru Dec)

Black Grouper  (year-round)

Red Snapper  (year-round)

Hog Snapper  (year-round)

Yellowtail Snapper   (year-round)

Vermilion Snapper  (Year-round)

 Turbot  (farmed in Chile, available year-round)

Fluke (Summer Flounder)  (year-round)

Mahi Mahi   (year-round)

Wahoo  (year-round)

Yellowfin (Ahi) Tuna  (year-round)

Swordfish  (year-round)

Cobia  (year-round)

Black Seabass  (year-round)

John Dory  (year-round)

Monkfish   (year-round)

Tautog  (year-round)

Golden Tilefish  (year-round)

White Seabass  (summer)

Escolar  (year-round)

Branzino (year-round)

Dorade or Orata  (year-round)

Spanish Mackerel  (year-round)

Sardines  (imported from Spain year-round)

Anchovies  (imported from Italy year-round)

Maine Lobster  (year-round)

King Crab  (frozen, Nov thru mid-Jan)

"Golden" King Crab  (frozen, year-round)

Blue Crab  (Apr thru October)

Spot Prawns  (May thru July)

Giant Freshwater Shrimp  (year-round)

Royal Red Shrimp  (year-round)

White and Brown Shrimp  (year-round)

Baby Octopus  (year-round)

Sea Urchins  (year-round)

Abalone  (year-round)

Sea Scallops  (year-round)

Bay Scallops  (year-round)

West and East Coast Oysters (20+ kinds)  (year-round)

Mussels  (year-round)



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King, Ivory King and Coho Salmon

Sockeye Salmon


Sablefish (Blackcod)

Striped Bass or "Rockfish"


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"Farm-Raised" Salmon  =  "Farmed and Dangerous"


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Only from Sustainably Managed Fisheries

As conservationists, Prime Seafood will supply seafood only from sustainably managed, robust populations.  Unlike our competition, we do not trade in seafood being driven to extinction (such as "Chilean seabass," Atlantic halibut, orange roughy, marlin, bluefin tuna and mako sharks) or which contains unsafe levels of contaminants (most "farm-raised" salmon and shrimp imported from Asia).  Did you know that just one meal a month of the cheap, "farm-raised" salmon that is sold in many Washington area supermarkets and restaurants (often misleadingly labeled "organic") poses an "unacceptably high risk" of causing cancer?  This is the primary conclusion of recent scientific studies.  (For the details, see our "Farmed and Dangerous" section.)  If you want to help make a difference, let chefs and market managers know why you want wild not "farm-raised" salmon.  If you want to know which common seafood items to select in a restaurant or at the market and which to avoid (because their populations are too low or because they are dangerous to eat), you can find out by visiting the Environmental Defense website and by using the Seafood Guide developed by the Blue Ocean Institute, both of whose assessments we endorse. 


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