Sablefish (Blackcod)  

Properly known as blackcod, "sablefish" is another premium species well known to West Coast seafood lovers for its large flakes of buttery white meat.  Because of its high oil content and thus its rich flavor, this fish is a great alternative to the "Chilean Sea Bass" (actually the Patagonian Toothfish) which is being driven rapidly toward extinction.

Like halibut, sablefish are also caught using bottom longline gear, and this fishery is also very well-managed to maintain healthy population levels indefinitely.   It, too, is a worldwide model for proper fishery management, and like the Alaskan salmon and halibut fisheries, it has been certified as "sustainable" by the international Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

We are the only Washington DC supplier able to offer fresh sablefish year-round.  During the warmer months (April thru October) the fish we provide are obtained primarily from the Seafood Producers Cooperative (SPC) plant in Sitka, Alaska.  There they are bled, eviscerated, cleaned thoroughly and carefully placed on crushed ice.  They are flown overnight to us using the refrigerated "wet-lock" shipping system and we deliver them fresh to chefs no more than two to three days after they were caught.  During the winter months we obtain fresh sablefish from our California  supplier, Flannery Seafood of San Francisco who get them from fishermen fishing off the Big Sur coast.  Our Alaskan sablefish average 9 lbs and range in size from about 6 - 19 lbs head off, while the California sablefish are generally smaller - 6 to 11 lbs head off. 

sablefish fillets

Alaskan sablefish or blackcod exhibit a rich, succulent flavor and a velvety texture. It has beautiful snow-white fillets that flake perfectly and are melt-in-your-mouth delicious!


Visit the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute website and select "Black Cod"

roasted sablefish serving

(Serving images courtesy Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute)



Harvesting areas off Alaska are shown below.  The fishing season here begins in mid-March and extends through mid-November.  Fresh sablefish is available year-round since we obtain fresh sablefish, caught off northern and central California, throughout the winter months and when they are unavailable from Alaska.  Frozen product is also available year-round.

Sablefish harvest area map

(Image courtesy Seafood Producers Cooperative)

very large sablefish or blackcod caught during a research cruise off Alaska


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