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10 Good Reasons

We are delivering:

 1.  Wild-Caught Seafood  - We provide some of the most desirable species of fish and shellfish available anywhere in the world - wild Alaska salmon (king, sockeye and coho), halibut, sablefish (black cod) and king crab as well as king and coho salmon and Dungeness crab from Washington state.  They have spent their entire adult lives in pristine waters of the North Pacific and they are caught when at their most flavorful.  

2.  Only from Sustainable Populations - The seafood we provide is exclusively from sustainably managed fisheries.  All of Alaska's fisheries for wild salmon (including king, sockeye and coho) and now halibut and sablefish have been certified "sustainable" by the international Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).   All three fisheries are the international standard for proper fishery management.  The California troll king salmon fishery has applied for MSC certification.

 3.  World's Best Taste - These premiere restaurant menu items are universally sought by discriminating diners. 

 4.  Freshest -  According to our chefs, our seafood is by far the freshest and highest quality available in this market area.  Many of our products are delivered less than 24 hours after they have been taken from the water.  At most, only 2 to 3 days have elapsed since our Alaskan fish (salmon, halibut and sablefish) were caught and they are immediately buried in shaved ice.  (Others market much older fish as "fresh" - some as much as 9 days or more since capture.)  Our fish are flown (overnight) to us usually the same day the fishing vessel docks, and we begin deliveries the following morning.

 5.  We Buy Direct from Fishermen - Through our professional network (our owner is an international fisheries biologist with over 35 years of experience), we buy almost exclusively from working fishermen.  This ensures a top quality product.  However, it makes deliveries from wilderness areas somewhat uncertain primarily due to weather which can shut down fishing and alter airlines' schedules.  However, after six years we have gotten much better at scheduling our deliveries thanks to having several widely dispersed sources not all of which are affected at the same time by storms. 

 6.  Troll-Caught - the Highest Quality King Salmon - Our Alaskan king salmon are caught by trollers who fish well offshore where the fish are still in peak condition and health.  (Their bodies have not begun to deteriorate as they move upstream to spawn.)   Each fish is taken one-at-a-time (as contrasted with harvesting methods that must deal with thousands of dead or struggling fish all at once).  Troll-caught fish are recognized as the highest quality salmon produced.  They are given meticulous care and gentle handling to avoid bruising and to maintain their premium quality.   Each fish is individually bled, eviscerated, cleaned and covered in crushed ice.   Fishing is limited to two days before the fresh fish product is landed and flown to us, arriving the following morning.

 7.  Better Alternative to Farmed Salmon - "Farm-raised" salmon is inexpensive, but it is tasteless.  More importantly, many consumers now understand that farm-raised salmon is also dangerous to one's health.  It contains cancer-causing contaminants (PCBs and dioxins) in high levels.  These are present at levels sufficient to pose an "unacceptable cancer risk" from eating only one 8 oz. portion per month, according to scientists reported in the highly respected journal, "Science" (1/9/04).  This finding has resulted in international headlines.  That has raised serious concern in many diners.  They know to ask for wild salmon not only for its taste but also for its health benefits (reduced risk of heart disease) due to high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids (the "good cholesterols"). 

Why continue to serve such a dangerous product as farm-raised salmon?  What does it say about a restaurant that does, in light of what is broadly reported?  Instead, why not choose delicious wild salmon?  Its flesh is firm and its muscles are toned from a vigorous life spent in the pristine waters of the North Pacific where it chases and feeds only on natural prey such as herring, squid, shrimp and krill. 

 8.  Halibut and Sablefish - Our Alaskan halibut and sablefish (aka blackcod) are well known as the best in the Washington D.C. area.  This is because they are the freshest and they are handled by the fishermen as though they were going to command the highest price, which they do.  We buy from those who routinely produce only the highest quality fish.

 9.  Guaranteed Quality - We guarantee that the seafood we provide will be the best in the world - in terms of taste, health benefits and quality.  Further, we guarantee that we will give our customers our best service.  The fact that our owner is an internationally recognized expert in marine fisheries science and management means he knows much more about all our seafood choices than do all  the other seafood providers in this market area, combined.  He will also not buy or sell any seafood item whose population is in trouble (usually due to overfishing) or which contains dangerous contaminants such as the cancer-causing chemicals found in most "farm-raised" salmon.

10.  Exceptional Value at a Reasonable Price - While we are providing some of the best fish in the world, our prices are equivalent to those of others now furnishing seafood to Washington-area restaurants.   Traditional purveyors offer a large number of seafood products and maintain large facilities, inventories, truck fleets and staffs.  In contrast, we are small and focused.  We have no warehouse and no inventory.  We get our fish and shellfish straight from the plane and it is delivered immediately in our refrigerated trucks directly to the customer.  We have connections to top quality seafood producers who are actual fishermen and from whom we obtain only premium products.  Thus, we deliver very high value to our customers in the selected products we offer. 

Try some of our salmon and halibut.  It's the best you've ever had.


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